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WELCOME TO SGN Media Solutions Creative World

SGN Media Solutions creative world revolves around the basic theme - do i understand my customer's business, brand and needs ? how do i best express it ? we put in a lot of time and efforts to understand our customer's needs, their aspirations and their final goal from the project. Creativity is a best form of expression, but expression comes only if the understanding is spot-on and understanding is spot-on by leing a good listener. Our world revolves around beautiful visuals, smashing musics, extraordinary templates, top of the class cinematography and world class infrastructure. For us, every project is a priced achievement that we would like to cherish and we would like our customer's to cherish. .



Express our customer's business and brand in the best creatives. We want to help our customer's to achieve their business goals. We believe in Creatology - A rich blend of creative and technology. This is the central philosophy of our business.


We questioned the status quo ? We questioned the unstructured way of working ? The outcome was CDLC - Creative Development Life Cycle. We have a well documented process to deliver our customer's product. We also have quality gates to ensure that the product delivered is checked at various stages of the creative development.


  • Shilpa Ghare
    Studies: Post Graduate (English Literature)
    Skills: Sales, Marketing and Client Servicing

    Founder member of SGN Media. Shilpa has rich experience of sales, marketing and client servicing in media industry. A proud woman entrepreneur selected in Goldman Sach's 5000 women entrepreneur program.

  • Sheetal Vaidya
    Studies: MCS (DCS Pune University),
    Creative Communications (MICA, Ahmedabad)
    Skills: Creative Director, Production and
    Script Writing

    Founder memer of SGN Media. Sheetal comes with a skillset that is a classic blend of art of film making and advertising. Sheetal has worked in diverse roles in the media industry ranging creative director, creative head, production manager and finally starting his entrepreneur journey with SGN Media.

  • Pankaj Salunkhe
    Business Development
    Studies: Post Graduate
    M.A English,McmS(Pune University )
    Skills: Script Writing,Production,Direction and Business Development
Who are the SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ?

SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a creative content creation company. We create sales videos, testimonial videos, documentaries, short films, corporate presentations and many other art forms of film making.

What do the SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. want?

We want to reach out to our customers to help them express their business and brands in the best creative formats. We want our customers to showcase their business in top of the class media format be it videos or presentations. Our mission is to help our customers achieve their business objectives.

What do the SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. do?

SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. creates Sales Videos, Testimonial Videos, Product Demos, Corporate Videos, Corporate Presentations. We render exihilerating creatives in both Shoot (Camera) or Non-shoot based formats.

Why do you need SGN Media Solutions Pvt Ltd. services ?

Best in class creative work also enhances your brand positioning. Whether it is an advertisement, a video, presentation (ppt) or a write-up, we believe it is your form of expression to your customers. You have many occations in your business to express your brand be it Sales, Promotional events, Exhibitions and Internal corporate communications. SGN Media Solutions will work with you as a trusted partner to express yourselves in best possible creatives in all the occasions.


  • You converted the contents in very neat, presentable and professional manner. You understood our services and purpose of the presentation. Took efforts on the look and created a very crisp presentation in time. You were open to suggestions and working with you was really comfortable.
    The client liked it and probable the project would go ahead.
    My sincere appreciation and thanks for your professional delivery and friendly support! I would certainly recommend SGN Media Solutions Pvt Ltd to my business-owner friends and associates.

    Vidula Tokekar Director
    Panacea BPO Services
  • I am pleased to convey my big thanks to SGN team for doing excellent work for our North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. We had a requirement to create a video content on Hon. President of India, Smt. Pratibha Tai Patil. Since this content was to be showcase to President herself and senior dignitary. It was very important to have the correct team to understand the requirement and deliver the product in time. We are very happy and proud for making a correct decision by choosing SGN Media Solutions for the project. Your team has worked hard in subject understanding and delivery. Your team was able to deliver very rich content in tight deadlines. We will be happy to avail your services in future as well.
    Wishing you a great future ahead.

    Dr. Nalini Patil, Former Dean, Faculty of Education
    North Maharashtra University
  • It was pleasure working with you and overall shoot went very well without obstructing our routine operation. We look forward to work with you for any future requirements.

    Sanjay D. Waje EHS Manager – India
    Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd.
  • We had a very important event with Hon. President of India Smt. Pratibha Tai Patil and Shri. Sharad Pawar and other senior dignitaries in Baramati Textile Park. We contacted SGN Media Solutions to create a video presentation for this event.
    I am very happy to put on records that SGN Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have provided excellent services in tight deadlines as per the requirements.
    It was great to work with the creative team and would definitely recommend SGN Media Solutions services to my business associates.

    Anand Phatak Director
    Pioneer Calicos Pvt. Ltd.