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1. How Videos will help me in Sales and Marketing ?

Your prospect is looking for your services on internet. Videos are popular as it is the best medium to convey the exact message to the customer about your products, services and most importantly benefits that you are selling. It gives you the opportunity to interact with your customer. With increasing popularity of video portals like Youtube, Vimeo, Tumblr and Facebook, Videos are a key tool in sales and marketing. Make a presense with our Video SEO.

2. What are Testimonial Videos ?

It is a fact that prospective customers go for references before closing the deal with you. Existing Customers vouching for your services can be your best pitch. You generate immense trust in your prospective customers. We have helped our customers in creating excellent testimonial videos. With the new age media, you can share the testimonial videos on internet for your prospects.

3. What are Corporate Presentations ? Why do I need them ?

In day to day business world, you are meeting so many clients, prospects and business associates to showcase your business, your offerings, products, services etc. Most likely you use a powerpoint presentation or a brochure or a verbal medium for this purpose. Your sales team also does the same. How do you ensure you have a consistency in your sales pitch ? How do you make an impression in the meeting instantly ? The answer is Corporate presentation. We make highly rich presentations for you with the blend of classy visuals and excellent content that aligns with your brand and logo. We offer both static and dynamic presentations in powerpoint, after effects and other adobe tools. You can ensure that the same corporate presentation is used by each of your sales person so that the sales pitch is consistent and impressive.

4. Making a Video is a Big Hassle ? Is it ?

Many people feel that video making is a complex process and they need to prepare a lot for them and also they do not have the time to work it out for them and their business. We are glad to inform you that it is actually completely opposite if you choose us. We make video making process a very enjoyable and enriching experience for you. It is completely hassle free and it gives you a great sense of pride.

5. I have a software product, do you help in creating a product demo for software products ?

Yes. You have asked a wonderful question ? Software products need a very good thoughtfully created video demo, since only a well articulated demo can explain the product features. Software demo on Yutube can get more and more leads as it is a best place to market your product.

6. We are a machine tool company, how can you help us in promotion of our products ?

There are mainly two types of videos that are very useful for you. First one is a product portfolio video highlighting you products, their features and their implementation strategy. You can use this video in sales and also exhibitions. Second one is a product video manual that will help your customers as part of after sales service. It will definitely cut down your costs on services and create a good customer experience.

7. How do i know if videos can help me in my business ?

Recent studies and surveys indicate that people are moving towards digital marketing. As part of digital marketing, the companies are creating videos on their websites, on social media sites and also portals i.e. Youtube. If you want to make immediate presence in the market in low cost then videos wll play a critical role in doing so.

8. What are the industries wherein you have made videos ?

We have worked with diverse set of esteemed customers in the field of manufacturing, real estate, IT, educational institutions, product companies and travel agency

9. Am in a the training department of an organization - How can you help me ?

We work with you to storyboard, record and create training material in a video format. Training videos will definitely give you the freedom to deploy the training material across your organization. The message will be consistent and will be available anytime to view. It will help to reduce the training costs.

10. Do you help in voice over and music integration ?

We are a creative shop for designing and delivering videos. We have strong capabilities in story and script writing in English, Hindi and Marathi. We also have a good infrastructure wherein our editors edit the content and create videos. We also provision voice over artists and music integration.